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About – The Factory Podcast and Blog with Dr Jim Bright

The Factory Podcast and blog was established by me, Jim Bright in 2007.  The idea is to provide an avenue for the intelligent discussion about matters related to careers and career development.  It is aimed primarily at Career Development professionals and includes resources and ideas that may be useful for their own thinking and practice.

One feature of the Factory are the Podcast interviews with leaders in the field of Career Development about their work.  These podcasts are sporadically posted as opportunities arise. Generally the Podcasts take the form of an interview with a thought leader who is asked to describe and reflect on their ideas and contribution to career development.  Thus it is hoped they add some colour and a new dimension to the ideas they espouse.  I think it is always interesting to hear the views of the originators of ideas.

picture of Dr Jim Bright webinar presenter Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers


The Factory also inevitably contains examples of my own work – both professional information about courses and new tools and books, but also research work typically conducted in collaboration with Professor Robert Pryor on the Chaos Theory of Careers.


The name “The Factory” reflects the fact that our premises were contained for 7 years within a Factory that has been converted into jazz virtuoso James Morrison’s recording studios.  Clients were often surprised when they arrived outside our premises wondering, given the context, whether they had arrived at the wrong place. However once inside, they entered a highly creative and positive place which encouraged the sharing of ideas and the development of personally creative solutions to career issues.   James M kindly agreed to me using excerpts of his music in the Podcasts, and you might recognise the Factory theme tune, “Nice work if you can get it” by George and Ira Gershwin,  played by James Morrison on trumpet.

I hope you enjoy the material found here and please be sure to leave a comment or two.


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