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Do people use uncertainty as an excuse to avoid planning and do nothing in their lives

plan failure

Do people use uncertainty as an excuse to do nothing in their lives? Is it tempting to say that because uncertainty exists in the world there is no point trying to plan for a future, and so best to do nothing and deal with what comes along? Short answer. Yes! I think one way to look at ...


Protected: Webinar 5 Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers: using stories, narratives and plots

Webinar 5 was first broadcast on 6th/7th September 2012.  Here is the recording of that session. Handout is here Webinar-5-Stories-handout A paper by us on Narrative is here Archetypal naratives inn career counselling- a chaos theory application Pryor Bright IJEVG 2008 Background papers on Narrative by Dave Snowden Snowden on story narrative patterns-perils and possibilities_final Narrative Research Snowden FINAL LINK TO ...