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Life is limited

life is limited

An inescapable reality of life is that it is limited. We are all limited, in different ways to differing degrees. We are limited in the amount of time we have left, limited in the time we have now, we are limited in our knowledge, we are limited in our talents, we all have physical limitations. ...


Beyond the comfort zone for your career

Reviewing your career

Going beyond the comfort zone when reviewing your career. So another year so nearly over, bar being sexually harassed by Jones from accounts at the company Christmas binge and gropathon on a floating vomitorium. Now is the time, with a Bacardi Breezer in one hand and a half empty bottle of warm chardonnay in the other, ...


How do people react to change? Some Facts and Figures

Goal Setting Psycinfo search 1980-2011

How do people react to change? Some Facts and Figures So how much do we know about people's reactions to change? I've been collecting reactions to change of individuals in my coaching and research for several years. The data below come from over 600 responses to my online tests (except where indicated) - the ...