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The Strange Strength of Vulnerability

Le Cyclop - La Tête Maquette 1970

The Strange Strength of Vulnerability Here is a paradox - the strongest systems are those that are most susceptible to change. They are the ones that have a lot of connections.   The more connected a person is, the more sources of support they can draw upon when they are struggling. The more people in a person's ...


Goal setting: a challenge for the imagination or a crisis of imagination? By Jim Bright

In our haste to “get on and do something” or worse to be seen to be doing something, we rush to a plan, a goal, and in so doing we fail to consider the creative and imaginative possibilities that may offer alternatives.
Luckily, this act of gross over-simplification creates only short-term damage, because inevitably life will happen when we are making these other plans. John Lennon, the author of that observation was busy making other plans about his next album when he was murdered.