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Oh Bad – the Larkin poetry of paperwork


Oh Bad - the Larkinesque poetry of paperwork by Jim Bright I work all day and get half finished at night, I wake at four to soundless dark, I stare, In time my iPad will backlight Till then I see what’s really always there Unresting paperwork for the whole day now Making all thought impossible but how And where and when I shall ...


Coaching Fractal Action for Personal Development

We get frustrated when we are unsure how to act, and feel disheartened when we voluntarily or involuntarily act in ways that are not true ourselves.  We can get lost while searching for the sweet spot that lies between pattern and surprise, consistency and spontaneity, security and risk, familiarity and freedom, and order and disorder. ...


Confront the complex!: The Career Challenge of 21st century complexity

The history of mankind can be understood through our reactions to complexity in the pre-machine, primitive machine, industrial and information technology eras. In the the pre-machine era, complexity arose from our familiar surroundings and the challenge of feeding, nuturing and protecting ourselves and our groups.  The immediacy of these challenges and the limited opportunities or hazards ...


Why is George Clooney so rich?

We are all familiar with all the advice on how to get rich. However here I analyse George Clooney’s wealth and provide a possible reason for his wealth. George Clooney apparently earns $15m per film Assume Clooney appears for 60 minutes of a 90 minute film That works out at $250,000 per minute on screen. George likes coffee, in ...


The top 10 words of 2011 or of all time?

LinkedIn report the top 10 clichés found on LinkedIn profiles in 2011 (see here).  So how do these words stack up in terms of historic usage?  Using a relatively unknown google research feature called Ngram, we can see how often each of these words have appeared in books since the 1500s!  It is interesting to ...


How to get luck on your side

Here is an article in the Australian Financial Review on Luck in Careers. How to get luck on your side in your career. It is about luck in careers, luck readiness, and luck and career success. Click this link for the article. Click this link if you want to take the Luck Readiness Inventory.        


Transform your career by shifting: Shift 11 – From Trust As Control To Trust As Faith

full steam trust as control

Transform your career by shifting: Shift 11 - From Trust As Control To Trust As Faith There comes a point in all things that really matter in life when trying to exert control is not sufficient.  The complexities of the world  make it impossible to be any more planned or prepared, there will always be some ...