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How do people react to change? Some Facts and Figures

Goal Setting Psycinfo search 1980-2011

How do people react to change? Some Facts and Figures So how much do we know about people's reactions to change? I've been collecting reactions to change of individuals in my coaching and research for several years. The data below come from over 600 responses to my online tests (except where indicated) - the ...


Do people use uncertainty as an excuse to avoid planning and do nothing in their lives

plan failure

Do people use uncertainty as an excuse to do nothing in their lives? Is it tempting to say that because uncertainty exists in the world there is no point trying to plan for a future, and so best to do nothing and deal with what comes along? Short answer. Yes! I think one way to look at ...


22 effective Coaching Questions: Pixar’s 22 Rules of Story Telling Applied to Coaching


Coaching can benefit from animation company Pixar and their rules of story telling.  Pixar has 22 rules of story telling, according to David Price, the author of Pixar Touch - see his blog here. He gleaned these rules from the tweets of Emma Coats, a Pixar storyboard artist. I think they can be usefully ...


Creating creative coaching sessions – Keyhole coaching

key hole coaching Dr Jim Bright

Are we stuck in rather unimaginative approaches to how we deliver coaching or counseling sessions?  How can we start creating creative coaching sessions? This post is prompted by Madeline Paterson who commented on my post Act before you think as follows: "I would be interested in hearing more about your thoughts on the tendency of our ...


Webinars on Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers with Dr Jim Bright

Webinar Series! - Coaching clients using the Chaos Theory of Careers - 10 1 hour webinars presented by Dr Jim Bright Training for Organisations - in-house courses StressSmart®, Job Applications & Promotions, Dealing with Difficult People, Authentic Coaching & Career Conversations for Work Excellence® Dates - dates of public training for the rest of this year Chaos Theory ...


Coaching Fractal Action for Personal Development

We get frustrated when we are unsure how to act, and feel disheartened when we voluntarily or involuntarily act in ways that are not true ourselves.  We can get lost while searching for the sweet spot that lies between pattern and surprise, consistency and spontaneity, security and risk, familiarity and freedom, and order and disorder. ...


Act before you think: In coaching and careers

"Nothing will be achieved if first all objections must be overcome" said the wise Eleanor Roosevelt.   Objections prevent action.  Objections to our own actions are ultimately authored by ourselves.  Others may advise caution or object, but it takes us to take on board and own those objections to prevent us from acting.  It is our ...