The Career Column your more than weekly free resource

Ohh what a treat I have in store for you all. You see from this year on, you are going to get at least bi-weekly career treats – like a tweet, but these are treats, I should call it Career Treater which in a sense is what many career development professionals are.

Anyhow, you can expect 2 essays a week making a series of essays, commentary, opinions, roasts and research on all matters relevant to careers, career development, job hunting, psychology and all that jazz. Hopefully informative, possibly humorous, and where appropriate scientific and evidence-based. This is the career column. It will of course be interspersed with my tweets of airport lounges where I am bored, or boring and offending you with outrageous commerciality in the form of promotions of courses, speaking gigs and products. I hope you will indulge me in the latter and gain some very real benefit from the former.

I have spent a bit of time tarting up the blog site and the website generally for your edification and delight. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do (or even if you don’t) please leave a comment to make it all the more vibrant, and better still why not buy something from our gift shop at the end of your tour round the National Trust home (my website!), or even better pop along to one of my training courses or speaking engagements. There you see, a little bit of commercialism slipped into the evidence-based career information. Talking of careers, I guess that’s mine!
Do enjoy, and do let me know your thoughts, and please pass it on to others. also you can follow me on Twitter @TheFactoryPod or catch up on LinkedIn.

Feb 2010