Webinars on Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers with Dr Jim Bright

New Webinar Series! – Coaching clients using the Chaos Theory of Careers – 10 1 hour webinars presented by Dr Jim Bright

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Webinar Series

Dr Jim will be presenting 10 1 hour webinars demonstrating how the Chaos Theory of Careers can be used practically for coaching people and groups experiencing change and transition. They will be starting at the end of June and running till November. Attend as many individual sessions as you like, or sign up for the series of 10 and receive a significant discount. In addition within each live webinar attendees can access special offers on products and training. The total worth of these combined offers is greater than the cost of attending the sessions!

There is also an option to take an online exam at the end of the course to receive formal recognition and a course graduation certificate. These webinars provide significant professional development opportunities and may be counted toward ongoing professional learning and development requirements of your professional association (please check with your association before enroling). The examined option may provide proof of advanced learning.

The times and dates of the sessions are listed below. These sessions can be accessed live, or if you prefer you can access them at a time then better suites you. The timing of the sessions was constrained by international time differences. Remember if you attend the live sessions you get access to the special offers as well as the chance to ask questions and interact. Those paying in advance can attend live, listen later, or both attend live and listen again later.

Session Title Time(there will be one live webinar – the diffierent dates reflect international time differences)
1 Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers: complexity, change and chance – An introduction to a radical new framework for understanding the nature of change and how to help clients in transition Thursday June 28th (USA, UK, EUROPE, CANADA)Friday June 29th (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
2 Using the Exploring Reality Chaos Checklist to validate client’s coping with change – This freeresource hosted online by Bright and Associates, is being used by 1000s of clients around the world to appreciate how they are already thriving on change and chaos.You will learn how to use the results of this free test in your coaching and counselling practice. Thursday July 19th (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA)Friday July 20th (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
3 Using the Attractors to understand coachee thinking and overcome limitations. You will learn about the four different Attractors and how they influence your client’s thinking.You will learn how to identify the different Attractors at work within your client and how best to work with clients using the different Attractors. Thursday August 9th (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA)Friday August 10th (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
4 Coaching clients to see fractal patterns in their actions. Taking Fractal action for authentic livingYou will learn how to interpret the complex patterns in your client’s life and circumstances and how to encourage action that is spontaneous and also authentic. Thursday August 23rd (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA)Friday August 24th (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
5 Coaching with Narrative and Plots to enhance self-clarity, overcome limitation and motivate actionYou will learn the strengths and weaknesses of working with client stories and ways of enhancing personal transformation though re-plotting client stories using the 7 Essential plots. Thursday September 6th (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA)September 7th (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
6 Using the Change Perception Index with clients – understanding the barriers to change for clients or groups.You will learn how to use this inexpensive and powerful online instrument to clarify how your clients think about and react to change. Used in many applictions for personal career change, change management initiatives in organisations and rehabilitation. Thursday September 20th (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA)Friday September 21st (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
7 Using the Luck Readiness Index with clients. Promoting opportunity awareness with clients or groups.You will learn how to use this inexpensive and powerful online instrument to understand your clients levels of opportunity awareness. Used in many applications for personal career change, change management initiatives in organisations and rehabilitation. Thursday October 4th (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA)Friday October 5th (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
8 Using Signposts cards with Clients – helping clients make the links with their fundamental values and deep beliefs.You will learn how to use this visually stunning card sort to rapidly assist clients understand and make links between their essential world-view and their career opportunities. Thursday October 18th (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA)Friday October 19th (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
9 Using Creative Thinking Strategies Cards with Clients – to enhance creative and optimistic solutions to challenges faced by individuals or groupsYou will learn how to use this large and powerful card sort to assist clients in overcoming self-limited thinking and to generate solutions to barriers in their change transition. Thursday November 1st (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA)Friday November 2nd (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)
10 Applying The Beyond Personal Mastery® model of Creative Coaching – using a practical framework to coach clients undergoing change.You will learn how to apply a powerful model of personal and organisational change to guide your approach to coaching and counseling. Thursday November 15th (USA,UK, EUROPE, CANADA) Friday November 16th (AUSTRALIA, ASIA)



All webinars commence at 8:30pm GMT on a Thursday / Friday depending on your time zone. They will run for one hour including 15 minutes for Q & A.
Local times (as at June 14th – please check your local time for daylight savings changes):

Thursday: California 1:30pm , Nashville 3:30pm, New York 4:30pm, Vancouver 1:30pm, Ottawa 4:30pm, UK 8:30pm, Italy 10:30pm, Friday: Mumbai 2:00am, Singapore 4:30am, Beijing 4:30am, Tokyo 5:00am, Sydney 6:30am

Pricing (In Australian dollars, approx exchange rates: $1Aus=$1US, 64pence UK, 0.80 Euro.)

Pay as you go – $35 per single Webinar – simply pay before the start of the webinar to receive access. Pay here (Australians) or here (Overseas)

Pay in advance $299 for ten payable by June 28th 2012. Pay here for Australians or here for Overseas.

Discount for members of NCDA, CDAA (and other CICA organisations), APS, Inst of Careers Guidance UK, Full time students (proof required):

Discount Pay as you go $25 per Webinar – simply pay before the start of the webinar to receive access. Pay for the next one here for Australians or here for Overseas

Discount Pay in advance $200 for ten payable by June 28th 2012. Pay here for Australians or here for Overseas.

Examined option $349 for 10 webinars, and post series on-line exam and certificate (useful for professional recognition or professional standards). Pay here for Australians or here for Overseas

Professional membership/ student discount $250. Pay here for Australians or here for Overseas.

Second chance webinar – acess the webinars anytime you like – note this will not be live and therefore you can only listen, and the special offers do not apply. $35 per webinar or $299 for the series. No discounts. Payment options will apear here aft

Included in the price:

  • Listen live – ask questions in real time
  • Download handouts
  • In webinar offers and discount – for live webinars only worth over $300 (across the 10 webinars)
  • Course Attendance Certificate
  • Course Graduation Certificate (only for those taking Examined Graduate Option)
  • Free single access to Change Perception Index
  • Free single access to Luck Readiness Index

There are STRICTLY limited places for each webinar.

Training for Organisations

download our brochure on training here. Jim travels the world to deliver training courses. He is based in Sydney, Australia.

Bright and Associates offers a range of well-researched and engagingly presented 1-day workshops. All of these can be tailored to client needs, and new workshops developed specifically to address your requirements. All the workshops come with copious notes and most with relevant books written by Jim for delegates to keep.

Career Coaching, Counseling and Assessment – 3-day course.

Chaos Theory of Careers in Coaching Masterclass – 3-day course.

Job Applications & Promotions – This is a course for staff who want to apply for positions and need to write resumes, address selection criteria and conduct themselves impressively in interviews. It is highly interactive and exceedingly well regarded.

StressSmart® – StressSmart® will show your employees how to develop emotional and physical resilience in high-pressure situations, allowing them to work at their peak.

Preparing for a Grilling – Preparing for a Grilling: effective presentation before Legal and Quasi-legal inquiries presented by Jim alongside an ex-Prosecutor!

Beyond Personal Mastery® – A complete personal and career development program for success Beyond Personal Mastery® is designed to maximise the potential of individuals. It is a complete program of personal development based on 20 years of psychological research into personal and business success.

Beyond Corporate Mastery® Improvisation and Innovation for Successful Enterprises Presented by Jim Bright and internationally acclaimed jazz virtuouso James Morrison. Ideal for conferences with a blend of music, audience interaction and evidence-based messages about creativity.

Authentic Coaching & Career Conversations – This practical 1- day course provides a proven and evidence-based model to make these conversations motivating and meaningful for both parties.

Feedback on training

“Jim is truly one of this country’s leading thinkers on career development theory and practice. Jim’s presentations are among the most stimulating you will experience, with excellent use of the latest technology, an entertaining and engaging personal style and absolutely the right combination of theory and practice takeaways.” – Lousie Millar-Hoffman, CDAA conference chair.

download our brochure on training here.

Training for the rest of 2012

Bright and Associates are offering their highly acclaimed and accredited Career Counselling, Coaching and Assessment Course in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney in 2012. If you work with clients in career transition then this course is for you. You will learn how to:

  • coach clients confronting continual and unpredictable change in the workplace
  • conduct effective career conversations,
  • provide proven, simple and effective advice on job applications and promotions,
  • to administer, score and interpret two valid and reliable career development tests used widely in organizations, medico-legal settings and in education

Early bird rates available until – 15/7/2012

Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) Endorsed Postgraduate Certificate in Career Development

Our course is recognised as one complete unit within the 4-unit CICA endorsed qualification offered in mixed intensive/distance mode through Australian Catholic University in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane*. Graduates successfully completing our course will automatically get full credit for this as one unit of the Postgraduate Certificate or Masters in Career Development when they enrol at ACU.

* availability subject to minimum numbers of enrolments

Includes over $600 of resources including books, 2 complete sets of test materials & manuals, and a 300 page Workbook.


This course is Accredited by the APS. This course is delivered by a Fellow of the APS, consists of over 18 hours of contact time, covering material drawn heavily from the psychological literature and is a highly active professional development experience including exercises and tests.


Dates for 2012

Sydney 12 – 14 Sept

Melbourne 24 – 26 Oct

Adelaide 10 – 12 July


This course is presented by Dr Jim Bright. Jim is a world recognized authority in Career Development. As a practitioner he runs a thriving Career Development company and has worked with some of Australia’s leading companies including Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, National Rugby League, Datacom, BHP, Lend Lease, AGSM, and many Government Departments including Defence, Audit Office, Commerce, Education and Community and many others. He also works with individuals in career transition and has completed over 100 expert witness reports for medico-legal career development matters. He has worked consistently in the media in Australia since 1995, with 5 year stints as the Careers Expert on ABC702 morning show, more recently he has appeared regularly on Richard Glover’s Drive show. In addition he has written a regular column for the Sydney Morning Herald and Age on career development since 2005. He has also appeared on Channel 9, 7, SBS and the ABC. Jim is an accomplished and entertaining keynote speaker, regularly engaged by companies and conferences in the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia speaking on career development, change and creativity. He also co-presents the Beyond Corporate Mastery® session at corporate events with Jazz virtuoso James Morrison AM.

Jim is also the Professor of Career Development at ACU where he teaches the Postgraduate Certificate in Career Development and researches careers. In a distinguished academic career he has published over 300 journal articles, chapters, articles, tests and reports. He previously worked in the School of Psychology at UNSW. His 10 career books have sold well in excess of 100,000 copies becoming best-sellers in the UK, Australia and elsewhere. They have been translated into more than 10 languages. His latest book is the Chaos Theory of Careers with Robert Pryor.

Chaos Theory of Career Book

Our book, the Chaos Theory of Careers – has reached No1 in the Amazon Medical Counselling Charts in the UK and has regularly featured in the top ten since then – you can buy the book from the UK Amazon store here

It has also been in the top 20 Amazon US kindle Consulting charts. Get the kindle or paperback version from the US Amazon store

Amazing Resumes

This well-received title published by JIST is now in its second edition. It is an evidence-based resume guide containing practical advice on how to construct a winning resume based on research from the recruitment industry. It was in the Amazon Top 40 resume guides as I type this newsletter. You can buy this on Amazon here

Alternatively for UK readers, get my bestselling Brilliant CV – now in its 4th edition. Available here.


Go to the Factory Podcast and Blog to read the latest thinking from Dr Jim plus interviews with Janet Lenz, Spencer Niles, Robert Pryor, Norm Amundson, John Krumboltz, Dick Bolles etc


The excellent school career planning 98 page workbook by Amundson, Poehnell and Pattern. The book is an excellent resource for use with High school students as the basis for their career planning. It is full of interactive exercises that take students through a comprehensive and theoretically coherent planning process covering, personal assets, transferable skills, interests, personal style, work values, significant others, learning experiences, career alternatives, informational interviewing, barriers, long term goals, next steps etc. It is also relevant as it was originally commissioned for for use by students in Canadian schools. The workbook sits well alongside the ABCD (which of course is very very similar in content and scope to Canadian blueprint upon which it is based) and so will fit well into Australian career development programs in schools.

The is a bulk purchase order of 50 copies of careerscope – $500 including postage a packing – over half price compared to individual purchase price! Please see other catalogue items for smaller or greater purchases. NOTE THIS IS FOR AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS ONLY. Overseas enquiries are welcomed, but shipping costs will be different. contact me here for more information.

Career Scope is a fantastic resource. My students have found it easy to understand and invaluable as a tool for self-reflection and career planning

Phil Williamson, Careers Adviser. Northlakes High School

Download a highlights sample pdf

Order your class sets here

Career Development Resources

We offer a carefully selected set of resources that will enhance your career development practice. These resources are designed for use with a range of different clients and are appropriate for use in organizations, schools, universities, andrehabilitation settings. These include Jim’s books such as the Chaos Theory of Careers, Resumes that get shortlisted, card sorts like Creative Thinking Strategies, Optimism Boosters, Signposts and Norm Amundson and Gray Poehnell Ergon Publications such as Hope Filled Engagement, Careerscope and Metaphor Making.

You can purchase these here.

Tests to assess reactions to change

Try out our online tests that measure Reactions to Change and Opportunity awareness – two of the key drivers of effective change management and transition.These tests are being widely used around the world in Change Management Programs, Workshops, by Coaches and Counsellors and in lecture programs (e.g. University of Kentucky) Go here to register and take the tests.

In-house training

We offer a range of in-house training courses such as StressSmart®, Beyond Corporate Mastery®, Beyond Personal Mastery® and Dealing with Change, as well as consulting services to Industry.

Please contact us for more details or download our brochure on training here.

Contact us:

Email: info@brightandassociates.com.au

Telephone: +61 (0)2 91149988

Fax: +61 (0) 2 98860411

web www.brightandassociates.com.au www.beyondpersonalmastery.com www.jimbright.com








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