Chance events that can ruin a career aka mad sports injuries!

As the co-creator of the Chaos Theory of Careers, I just love confirmatory evidence (yes I know this is not scientific, but hey….!)

Five-time batting champion Wade Boggs missed a week when he lost his balance putting on his cowboy boots and fell into a couch
• Kyle Farnsworth broke his foot in the bullpen while warming up for the Cubs.
• John Smoltz scalded his chest while ironing a shirt — that he was wearing.
• Glenallen Hill, an outfielder and arachnophobe, had a nightmare about spiders while sleeping on the couch. In his attempt to get away from the “big bad spider”, he crash-landed onto a glass table, leaving his body littered with shards of glass.
• Adam Eaton, Texas Rangers pitcher, was trying to remove that annoying security tape on a DVD with a paring knife and wound up stabbing himself in the stomach.
• Chris Hanson took a swing with an axe at a chunk of wood. He missed and drove the axe deep into this left leg. He was rushed to the ER and placed on injured reserve for the rest of the season. The axe was in the clubhouse because the coach brought it in.
• Lionel Simmons had an illustrious college basketball career, finishing third in all-time NCAA scoring. During the 1990-91 season: Not long after being named NBA Player of the Week, “L-Train” missed two games with wrist tendonitis which was spurred on by excessive play of his Nintendo Game Boy.
• After scoring a TD for the Washington Redskins, Gus Frerotte went to headbutt the padded wall just outside the end zone. Unfortunately, the stadium wall consisted of a thin layer of foam and a very thick layer of concrete, which put Frerotte into a woozy state. He was then quickly ambulanced to the hospital to get treatment for his head injury.
• After Phoenix Suns guard Kevin Johnson netted a game-winning basket, teammate Charles Barkley greeted him with a big bear hug. Barkley squeezed him like a tube of toothpaste and clasped so hard that Johnson’s shoulder popped and dislocated.