new free resources for you and remember Melbourne Nov and Sydney October courses

Couple of new resources for you that are free and for nothing. Also reminders of upcoming courses.

1.  The Exploring Chaos Reality Checklist is a 20 item quiz that promotes people to think more deeply about issues relating to change, chance and uncertainty.  The quiz is free to take.  You register at the site (for free) and the you can take the quiz.  It produces a 5 page report with your results and general feedback about these issues.  The quiz is essentially set up in a way that encourages people to acknowledge the chaos in their own lives.  This can be an important first step for people who are confronted by the challenges of change and uncertainty.  Anyway enjoy and please be sure to email me with your thoughts and feedback.  Please feel free to use this with your clients or students.

To take the test go to

2. Where will you be? A new web movie that I have produced that introduces a lot of the key ideas in the Chaos Theory of Careers.  A lot of people have asked me for some resources to help introduce these ideas and here is my first attempt.  The movie is available from : youtube at

The movie is about 7 mins long, 82MB and will download and play on ipods. Again please let me know your thoughts.

Also do not forget to register for the following courses.

3-day Career Counselling, Coaching and Assessment Course, ACU Fitzroy, Victoria Parade, Nov 10,11,12.  Download a flyer and registration form for it from here

1-day New Approaches to Career Development intensive course held at our premises on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Oct 19th and 22nd. Download flyer and registration form here.  Be quick only SIX people per course. Learn how to use Creative Thinking Strategies Card Sort, and Luck Readiness and Change Management Indexes.

Have fun with the resources and hope to see some of you on the various courses.