The Factory Podcast Interview with Norm Amundson


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factory podcast small picture Jim Bright caught up with Career Counseling guru Prof. Norm Amundson just before they co-presented a workshop in Brisbane, Australia. He discusses Active engagement and dynamic counseling.

Not the three tenors, but three Profs!  Amundson Pryor and Bright ready to present in Brisbane 2007

Amundson Pryor and Bright


5 thoughts on “The Factory Podcast Interview with Norm Amundson

  1. steve montgomery

    Congratulations Jim – this is an excellent addition to the website and a great way for people to source international thinking/expertise in an innovative way.

  2. kyliedearn

    This gives us permission to give people what will really motivate them to open their ideas to possibilities and creativity. I really enjoyed Norm’s style and has put the excitement and wonder back into the counselling room. You never know what you will find.

  3. smaclean

    Hi Jim, The Factory is a great enhancement to your website. Using podcasts is a great way to provide learning in a format that will be increasingly popular. The Factory is easy to access…..I did it! It also provides some good resources that are also easy to download. Well done….always the teacher, inspirer and creator of new ideas.

  4. Robyn Elks

    Thanks for the resources Jim. I am a first time user of podcast and still finding my way around. Norm Amundson has always been a bit of an icon for me so I am very excited about the interviews. Look forward to seeinf more resources soon – very inspiring.

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