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Beyond Personal Mastery®

Delegates have lots of opportunity to interact in a manner with which they are personally comfortable.

1-day course

A complete personal and career
development program for success Beyond Personal Mastery® is designed to maximise the potential of individuals. It is a complete program of personal development based on 20 years of psychological research into personal and
business success.
The Beyond Personal Mastery® program supports personal success by:
Orienting personal mindsets towards success through innovative Mind Steps
Providing a powerful set of practical steps toward success through the Leading Edge Action Steps
The outcomes of the Beyond Personal Mastery® program include:
Enhanced personal creativity, learning and flexibility
Pro-active, pro-change mindset
Action orientation
Enhanced motivation
Increased ability to thrive on change
Powerful tool for performance management
Cost on application. Includes extensive workbook. Presented by Jim Bright


Bright and Associates can tailor this course to Organisational requirements. For instance the course can address specific events such as change programs. This program has been presented to fantastic feedback in Canada, USA, and locally in Canberra, Sydney, Launceston, Gold Coast and


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