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Job Applications and Interviews

All Bright and Associates courses are highly interactive with opportunities for delegates to address their

development needs.

1-day course

Every participant gets a copy of Jim’s book “Resumes that get shortlisted”. This is a course for staff who want to apply for positions and need to write resumes, address selection criteria and conduct themselves impressively in interviews. It is highly interactive and exceedingly well regarded. A version of this course presented by Jim Bright ran for many years under the auspices of the Institute of Public Administration Australia both publicly and in-house for many different departments such as
Housing, Sydney Catchment Authority, Audit Office, Ombudsman’s Office and the Department of Aging Disability and Home Care.

"I ripped my old resume and restructured it after attending your course. I was invited for interviews for the first two jobs I applied with this new improved style. Now, I have been offered a position in town where I am starting next week. I appeared for another job interview yesterdayand the prospects are bright. It is hard to believe what you learn in a day can change your life forever. I can never thank you enough for that." A.S. Sydney.

Cost on application Includes: workbook and a copy of How to write a Brilliant CV or You're Hired! Online job hunting the complete guide by Jim Bright for every participant.


Bright and Associates can tailor this course to Organisational requirements. For instance tailored versions of this course have been used to coach stare-applying for roles, for stabeing redeployed or as part of an outplacement service.

Specific messages or processes can be incorporated into the program. Furthermore extension options to provide more practice in interview skills can also be accommodated.