Medico-legal Vocational Capacity Assessments

Professor Bright conducts vocational capacity assessments for medico-legal matters such as Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accident, Superannuation and related to other relevant legislation.  These can be based on papers-only or an assessment lasting approximately 3 hours. Professor Bright has extensive experience in both Plaintiff and Defendant assessments and has given evidence in the District Court, Supreme Court and to Tribunals. He is a SIRA Authorised Health Practitioner, and a Registered Psychologist

We see clients and offer a full interview and assessement process from across Australia and overseas via Zoom or Skype video mediated assessment. We have conducted over 200 video-mediated medico-legal assessments since the Covid-19 restrictions and they have proved to be effective and popular with clients and claimants

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Career Directions - currently not offered during COVID-19

In-depth, face-to-face zoom career conversations (3hrs) with Dr Jim Bright combined with extensive assessment and plus 1hr follow up.

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Vocational Assessments

Assessments for a range of purposes such as Medico-Legal Vocational Capacity,  Outplacement, Career Development, Performance Management

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We see clients via Zoom.





CICA ENDORSED Post Grad Cert in Career