Measure your openness to opportunity and how you react to change.

The Luck Readiness Index is a 52 item scale designed to measure the 8 dimensions of opportunity awareness: Flexibility, Persistence, Self-Efficacy, Curiosity, Optimism, Strategy, Risk and Luckiness. The LRI is helpful in understanding the degree to which people are positive and proactive in confronting uncertainty. You can take the test on a pay per go basis, and it is also available with an unlimited use annual licence with options to add logos to the site and reports.

The Change Perception Index measures reactions to change. It measures 10 dimensions associated with different aspects of change including continuous change, goal driver, role driver, routine driver and change driver, as well as small steps and the bigger picture. The CPI is helpful in understanding different reactions to change, which can be useful in career development coaching in a changing environment, educating about change and self-insight or in change management processes.