For individuals

Career Directions

We offer Vocational Assessments that consist of an in-depth 3-hour interview and assessment covering personality, work rewards and work interests. This is followed up with an extensive report and 1-hour face-to-face debrief on the recommendations.

Step 1:

An in-depth counselling session, where career history, achievements, set-backs and challenges are discussed along with aspirations, pre-occupations and plans. This session takes a whole-of-life approach as many career issues cannot be addressed in isolation from other parts of your life. Career is personal, and our service is personalised to your situation.

Step 2:

Formal career assessment. After the interview you will be asked to complete a range of career development instruments that combine to build a profile covering personality, work rewards, interests, opportunity awareness, approaches towards change and uncertainty and career thinking style. This process is generally completed immediately after the counselling session.

Step 3:

Personalised report. The information collected in Steps 1 and 2 is skillfully combined into a personalised in-depth report that is generally around 10 pages or more in length. Note this report is written personally by career development professionals, it is not a computer generated report. This guarantees that the report is truly focussed entirely on you and fully takes into account your individuality and your individual circumstances and needs. No two reports are ever the same.

Step 4:

Feedback coaching session. Approximately 1 week to ten days after Steps 1 and 2, we invite you to come back to North Sydney for a feedback session where the report is presented to you. We work through the report with you and discuss any issues or ideas that emerge from the report.

For Organisations

We offer testing of staff, climate surveys, organisational diagnostics, outplacement, career transition, and selection testing. Where required our appropriately qualified psychologists can administer and interpret a range of different instruments to suit client needs. Please contact us for further details of this service through

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